why I blog about my personal life

Why I blog about my personal life


I am often told that I have been very brave in sharing my life experiences and their intricate details on a public platform.

When I come to think of it, a smile rises to my lips. Not because I feel proud of being considered brave, but because I started this blog with full realization of this fact.

To me, it is not an act of bravery, but a choice.

A mere choice to include the world in my story.

Even if it means as an audience.

My first post, which is also the about page of my blog talks about the mission of my blog and why I decided to start a personal blog.

Like anyone else I too could keep the dark shades of my personality hidden, I too could never speak of my vulnerabilities, the troubles in my life or even if I would, I could keep the gory details of my divorce, health issues and other personal troubles to my self.

In fact, it’s rather convenient to present only the good, the strong and the rosy aspects of one’s life as is common on the social media networks.

The trouble that kind of blog would pose for me was, I wanted to start writing a daily diary. Something that would register my life as it is in reality.

No hiding the frustrations, no soaking up tears to pose as a strong person, no airbrushed emotions.

I wanted to portray the pain, joy, hurt, bitterness, despair, anger, innocence, everything in its true, unedited form.

I wanted to vent out my emotions through my blog, but at the same time, I wish to come back to these records from time to time to gauge my progress.

I wish to assess where am I heading to in my life, to smile at my changed self and to feel proud to have swum through the rough waters.

Why I blog about my personal life - My journey of being a candid, personal blogger and why I chose to be one. #theerailivedin #personalblogger #journaling

This blog is a mission, it holds much deeper meaning in my life than just telling the world what I went through, who I am, what am I made of and what life made me decide to do in my circumstances.

I sincerely wish that by sharing my life-story on a global platform, maybe someone, somewhere, someday will seek inspiration.

It might help someone prevent getting stuck in situations like I have and find better, timely resolution of issues that if overlooked can leave deep, painful scars.

I totally understand how many of my readers feel that I am going through mood swings every now and then. But the reality is, I register all of my negative thoughts so that my journey has all the emotions intact.

It is an attempt at improving my self-awareness by enabling me to see through life more clearly without defying the frustration, humiliation and anger that were once part of my journey.

The world is full of people who take pride in making us feel stupid should we dare to show an emotion other than elation, anger, boisterousness. To shun us on exposing our vulnerabilities.

Letting the world have a clear view of my raw, often unhealed, the sensitive side was laden with a fair share of insecurities.

That icky, picky, strange, panic-inducing feeling.

But…but… but, there is a silver lining to this ordeal.

Showing my true self has opened up a wiiiiiiiiide door for the people to walk in, feel a connect and say,

“You know what?

Me too.

I too have been there, felt that.”

The first step towards healing is the understanding of your position in life. Acceptance of one’s situation as it is without any form of manipulation marks the beginning of where things can only get better.

My blog is that starting point.

 How My Personal Blog Has Changed My Life For The Better:

♥  Writing a personal blog is cathartic. It has gifted me a safe, release valve for the many stresses in my life.

♥  Writing regularly has helped me record so many memories in words that I can conveniently revisit, relive and reassess at whim. Writing honestly about my life helped keep my creative juices flowing while keeping me observant of the minutest of details.

♥  Writing a personal blog has helped me build a close-knit community of readers some of whom are now my closest friends. It has been a beautiful journey of connecting with people who share my view of life and can feel a connection based on our beliefs.

♥  Regular writing has immensely helped me to process and communicate complex ideas effectively. My personal blog has added to the depth of my life and has redefined my perspective.

♥  A personal blog has helped me reap the mental, emotional and creative benefits of regular writing. I often don’t know what I think, what are my goals in life, until I read it written on my blog.

♥  My personal blog has helped me survive a difficult divorcedepressionstresses of being a single parent and the many life and health challenges life sent my way by connecting me with people from around the world. I feel grateful to be connected with like-minded people who share similar life experiences and perspectives through my blog.

♥  My blog helps me keep a track record of my successes and failures, that help me grow, reflect and most importantly serve as a record in the dullest moments of my life when I desperately need motivation.

♥  This blog is a step forward in my mission of sharing my story with the world in the hope that I can save someone from suffering the emotional traumas I suffered in my life.

♥  My blog has kept me accountable. Whenever the going got tough and I couldn’t foresee where I was headed, sharing my story on the blog has helped me find the pieces of the puzzle with the immense support and insights shared by the growing community of my blog readers. This community has helped me stay accountable and to evolve as a warrior from the worrier I have always been.

 ♥ My personal blog has helped hone my hobbies and interests. Be it cooking, photography or creative writing, I have had the opportunity to refine each of these with every post I wrote featuring them on my blog.

♥ My personal blog has helped me create a personal brand (well, sort of) and given my writing an exposure that landed me with a number of amazing paid writing opportunities.

Through this personal blog, I am trying my bit to be honest and open to my own-self by writing about my life, freely and truly.

I’m at work knocking down those massive walls built by my mind that once blocked help, support and kindness from reaching me.


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